Monday, March 15, 2010

Asthma makes for a long weekend!

Hey everybody! Hope everyone has a good week! Well after a exciting consignment sale Thursday night (by the way this year I made more than I spent), I went to pick up my son at my mother-in-laws. Upon arrival she said that she had already used his inhaler 2X bc he had been wheezing pretty bad. He woke up when he heard me and the wheezing and barrel breathing was much worse so we rushed home to do a breathing treatment. After doing a breathing treatment we got him settled down some and he fell asleep but woke himself up coughing and then began to throw up. After a long night of no sleep we rushed to the dr at 8 friday morning (as soon as they open). On the ride there he began barrel breathing again so I flew into the drs office and said we need to be seen now. I was on a mission bc I was scared to death bc I know nothing about asthma. His oxygen level was at 89 when we got there and after another breathing treatment in the office it came up to 92. Dr gave him steriods (which made him a different child) and breathing treatments every hour there was no improvement so we called the dr again and he said if we cant get it under control in 3 hours to head to the hospital. Luckily after an hour we got his breathing under control so trip to the er. He is still coughing and wheezing especially while he is playing but how do you keep a 20 month old calm, really? Anybody have any tips and suggestions about asthma? Please email me or leave a comment. We have a hard time deciding whether to wait it out or go on to the hospital. Thanks for listening to me ramble on about my weekend.

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