Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Obession~ Consignment Sales

Hey everybody!!
Ok so I admit it, Im a girl and I love to shop!! Imagine that, right?? But I would rather buy for my son or my husband than myself. So, in my eyes that makes my addiction to shopping ok. I also am addicted to the thrill of the hunt for a "good buy." Thats the reason that I love to go to consignment sales. Last week, some friends an I went to one in Union City, TN. They all have little girls so of course they found alot more stuff than I did (cute boy stuff is hard to come by). But my "good buy" that made it all worth while was I found Ben one of those swim suits with the floatation thing built in it. I had been looking at them online (bc we are going to Hilton Head this summer so he needs one) and they were going to be around $30 but I got mine for only $4! WOO WHoo Go ME!

Next Monday, I will be going to one that is about 45 min away in Murray, KY. The pictures on their site( look like its going to be a huge sale! I cant wait!!! Then the next Saturday, my friends and I are going to one at Jackson Christian School in Jackson, TN. This one I have been to b4 and was very impressed. After buying all the bargains I can at these 2 sales, I guess I will have to wait till early fall for my next bargain hunting extravaganza but until then I will continue to go to Goodwill to feed my addiction!

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