Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I have been very busy working on improving my blog for the past week. I have given it a new make-over (hopefully it is much cuter) and there will be more excitement coming(i know you just cant contain yourself). I should have my first review and giveaway coming up soon, thanks to I also will start including great deals and coupons that I find online as well as my normal ranting and raving blogging about my family.

I would like to create a button for my site so that my followers (yep thats all 4 of you, with whom I am very thankful that you are following my crazy blog) can post on their blogs. Since I am new to all of these, any help and suggestions would be great!!!


  1. I talked to my sis (she's a web designer)& she can design you a button (she's redesigning mine) and you could post somewhere that she designed it for you? She would also advertise your new button on her blog, and that way y'all both can get more followers. whataya think?

  2. Jen,

    That sounds great to me. If you want you can email me bc that may be easier than commenting back and forth. My email is
    Thanks for telling me about your sis. My husband is also in the computer business but he doesnt like html stuff and programming So i am relyin on my lack of skills to do my blog lol.

    BTW, your son is adorable!!