Thursday, March 25, 2010

From the land of potty training (and lots of laundry)

My little one is 20 months old and has all of the signs of being ready to ditch the diapers. He has been going at home everyonce in awhile for the past 2 weeks but this week he has become more avid about going and getting M&Ms. So being the shopping queen that I am, I went out and bought Pull-ups, cotton training pants, underwear, and plastic covers. Now the big question is which is going to work best for us?

I feel like the pull-ups are too much like diapers but underwear and training pants are adding to my laundry pile. So what do I do????


  1. You're so lucky yours is ready for the potty! Mine is 23 months and has NOOOOOO interest. I can't help you with the laundry solution, though, because I cloth diaper, so we definitely do cloth trainer pants. (Little Beetle trainers are my fave, and Henry's, too, even tho he keeps peeing in them...grumble grumble.) :)

  2. Thanks for the tips on training pants.

    Everybody told me that boys are usually close to 3 b4 they are potty trained but my little one started showing signs about 4 months ago that he was ready. I havent pushed him at all bc i didnt want to discourage him in any way.
    Enjoy your lil man still being in diapers bc sometimes it makes me sad that mine is ready for the potty. Bc its one of the last "baby" things left.