Thursday, March 11, 2010

My 1st blog~A mothers morning

Ok people, so I have decided that I needed to catch up with today's technology and have a blog to chronicle all the crazy things that go on in mine and my families life....So lets see this morning the alarm went off and much to my surprise I was not ready to get up yet (as always). After laying there as long as I possibly could, I rolled out of the bed. As those of you with toddlers understand, I try to get myself dressed as much as possible before my 20 month old wakes up. Yea so I didnt even get my teeth brushed and I hear him up. While trying to finish getting ready and look as dressed up as possible, I was entertaining my little man. I went to put my rings on while singing a little diddy called the "wheels on the bus" I am struggling to put my rings on after forcing them onto my finger...I look down and I have put them on the wrong hand and now they are stuck. Of course I was running late already so I just said forget it and put my shoes and picked up Ben to walk out the door and when I did I caught a stinch that would curl your nose hairs. So back to the changing table we went and we finally made it out the door. Oh me the mornings of mother....gotta love them. Now I am counting down the hours till tonite because its the big childrens consignment sale. I love finding bargains and poor Ben most of his toys and clothes I buy used. But oh well, I save money which my hubby likes and Ben still looks adorable.

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