Monday, March 29, 2010

Consignment Sale Madness

Alrighty everybody, This weekend Courtney and I loaded up the youngens and drove to Jackson for USJ and JCS' Consignment sale. Oh and we did hit up Goodwill for some bargains as well. 1st off 2 kids under the age of 2 for an hour drive and wired made for a lot of entertaining on the way there.

We went to USJ first bc we had heard there was some good stuff there. But much to our surprise, there was hardly anything there and call me cheap (hey ive been called worse) but Im NOT paying $15 for a used shirt or pants. (but we did find Courts lil girl a pink 4-wheeler)

Next we went to JCS...I bought my munchkin some cute stuff for cheap and I also got myself 2 cute shirts. There was way more stuff there and a lot more reasonable prices. After lugging around lil ones for 2 hours (yes my child will not ride in a stroller), we had decided we needed sustinance...

Let me brag on Chic-fil-a...they helped us 2 moms carry our food to the table, then they brought us the cutest sticky placemats for kids and stuck them on the table for us, and were very helpful...oh and did I mention the food was great!

We then hit up my favorite new store...The Childrens Place. They had some great bargains...all their dressy stuff was 50% off (just in time for Easter). If you dont follow them on Twitter you should.

~BTW--sorry I have to gripe. My son has awful reflux and he threw up on his shirt in the store so instead of walking 2 miles to the van, I just ran back in to buy him a new shirt. Their was one lady in front of me, so I politely asker her if i could go in front of her bc my son was sick and needed to be changed...she looked at me and said "Uhh NOOO!" I was shocked! If I may borrow a line from Stephanie Tanner (gotta love Full House) "How rude"

After Childrens Place, we then went to Good will and found more bargains to load into the van. In one last effort to tire the kids out (so they would sleep on the way home) we took them to this great park.

Well that somes up our bargain hunting day. Sunday was uneventful (besides getting my house cleaned) bc I was so worn out from the day b4. Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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