Sunday, May 30, 2010

Why do weekends go by so fast??

I lay here and it just hit me, the weekend is almost over. (thank goodness this is a long weekend so we have one more day) Sunday nights after I put Boppers to bed it always makes me sad bc we will all be back to the grind the next day. Even though I am at home for the summer, during the week we have lots to do.

Hubby goes to work so I feel like part of our family is missing. Boppers and I have to clean and this week we have got a list a mile long of things to do bc we leave for vacation on Saturday morning. So on Sunday nights about this time, I always get a little bummed. Just ready for the next weekend when we can all be together and just hang out and play.

Maybe Im weird (at least I admit it, right?)  but I feel like you blink your eyes and the weekend is gone. I guess my parents were always right (even though I hate to admit that), that time flies when you are having fun.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Help my toddler is hitting

Ok so Boppers has found  a new way to express his anger, hitting me. Yesterday, I told him he could not take his tractors outside to play so the normal tantrum began. He flung himself in the floor and began to cry. So I got down on his level and made him look at me and tried to explain to him why he couldnt take his tractors outside and that this is not the way we act when we dont get what he wants. Then the dreaded happend, he pulled that arm back and hit me in the face.

He has done this before and I would take him to time out and explain to him that we dont hit people and that its not nice. But yesterday, he hit me out of total anger.

Heli Girl had a great article about hitting but I have tried all those methods and nothing has worked. (oh yea, he is stubborn and hard headed)

And to make it worse, he only hits me. I mean I the one who feeds, bathes, and plays with him, so why me?
Has anyone else had this problem? If so how did you get him/her to stop?

Wow, another award!! I mean I knew I was good lol

The Life of a Sippy Cup Mom gave me this great award and I am so excited. If you haven already read her blog you def need to check it out bc she has some hilarious posts.

Wow, I feel so honored that somebody thinks I am Trendy. I am working on a good acceptance speech but for now this will have to do.

Here's what you have to do with the award!
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Here is my 10 people I would give the award to:
1. As the Forest Grows
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kids Toys

Since I am a thrifty (well at least I try really hard to be) momma, I am always looking for Boppers toys on sale. I love to find a great bargain, it just makes my day. I buy alot of his toys at Goodwill (bc that store freaking rocks) and at yard sales, well because he outgrows toys so fast and since he is a boy he is so rough on them. But for special times such as Christmas, birthdays, or rewards, I will bit the bullet and splurge and get him the new latest and greatest gift.

If you are like me, then you will love The Kids Toy Store. Their website is so easy to navigate and oh did I mention that have lots of great sale items. If you haven’t checked it out before you need to stop by and look at all the great Baby Einstein stuff they have on sale this week.

They also have the cutest toy boxes. If you are a baseball fan, they have the cutest team toy boxes I have seen. They also have cute firetruck and barns toy box. Oh me, if only I would win the lottery bc I could totally spend lots of money here.

I would love to have this Guidecraft Barn Bookshelve, will you please buy it for Boppers?? I mean he really needs this for his playroom. Gosh I love spending my imaginary money on this great website. Go check it out and window shop or enjoy the great sale items at The Kids Toy Store.

I was paid for this review but in no way did the compensation affect my opinion.

Wordless Wednesdays

I havent shown off my Boppers pics in awhile so today I thought I would show you how cute he is (no Im not biased or anything)
I know this is lil blurry but I took it with my phone. This is his sheet tent that consumed my den for days.

Yesterday we played in the worlds smallest pool. (I had no idea it was that small till I blew it up

Here he is swinging on his "park". ahh contentment

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Never make friends with your Doctor...

Alright everybody, I am back (did ya miss me, bc ya know you did). Boppers is feeling better finally but getting over this mono could take up to a month. Now for the Pediatrician post I promised you......

Ok, It all started when Boppers was born and we thought we had found the best Pediatrician in the world. He was so personable, that you just couldnt help but like him. He is a Duke University graduate so he and the Hubbs totally hit it off. We soon became friends with his wife and children as well. We would go over to their house, they would come to ours, etc.

Well our poor Boppers stays sick alot and has a lot of problems (thankfully nothing too serious). He has GERD, asthma, and severe allergies. Back when Boppers was still  T-Tiny, we had to get smart with the Good Doc bc I dont think he took Boppers spitting up serious. Then when he saw the ulcers in his throat, he finally started taking us serious. Then he had 8 ear infections in a span of 6 months and once again he would do nothing proactive and just saying he would outgrow this. Finally after the 9th ear infection, he finally referred us to an ENT. Now onto Boppers asthma, we feel that he isnt proactive. Hello, we know Bops cycle, green nose then cough then asthma attack. So why not stop the green nose b4 it goes to his chest??? This whole time we stick by him bc "he is our friend"

Well Hubby has a new office and located in the same building is  a childrens nurse practitioner. I really like her and last time Boppers had an asthma attack, she gave him a shot that opened him right up (nope Good Dr never gave him this).

Fast forward to this Thursday, Boppers appetite had been diminishing over the past couple of days and he had started coughing in the night. So my Mommy instinct said he needed to go to the Dr bc something wasnt right. Hubby said to take him to the "Good Dr". So I did bc I am a good wife and I do what my hubs says lol

So we loaded up and went to the Dr. He looked him over and said "its just viral" (which he always says about everything). So we walked out his door and went to the nurse practitioner. She looked at him and said his lymph nodes are swollen so lets test him for strep. Sure enough it came back positive. She gave us an antibiotic.

24 hours later, Boppers was worse and at this point he hadn't eaten anything in 2days. So we went back to the nurse practitioner. As we were walking in, we meet a girl and her son that go to our church and she said her lil man had mono. Boppers and her lil man had been together in nursery and had the same symptoms so we tested for mono and sure enough he tested positive for mono.

So what do we do?? Do we tell the Good Dr?? Hubby is worried that he will lose his friendship but I dont care I think he should know. This is the reason you dont become friends with your Dr but if something ever goes wrong, it puts you in between a rock and a hard place.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Vacation in less than 2 weeks.

We will be heading to Hilton Head Island, SC on June the 5th. I am very nervous bc it will be an almost 10 hour drive with a toddler. Boppers has never been on that long of a car ride.

Also I am worried bc I am an overpacker and well we wont have alot of room for luggage in the van bc not only will us 3 be in there but another couple is going with us. So luggage is going to have to be a minimum. (thank goodness I have van though bc if not we would have to drive 2 cars)

My last worry is knowing what to pack.  We have never gone anywhere with boppers for more than 1 night. So how and the world am I going to be able to remember to pack everything he needs plus being short on luggage space. Do I bring lots of toys or wait and buy some there??

Oh me, I am a worrier. I think thats part of being a wife and mommy.

Alright fellow bloggy friends, do you have any tips for me?? What to pack, how to make the car ride better?? or do you know of some great things to do while in HHI or around that area??

Please help me so I wont have more gray hairs from this trip lol

Friday, May 21, 2010

Blogging Break bc Boppers is sick.

hey everybody,

I will be taking a break for the weekend bc Boppers has strep throat. Which means all of my free time will be spent cuddling. But dont worry come Monday, I have a great post about the drama at our ped's office.

Update: They diagnosed Boppers with mono.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Puke in the Tub...

How could you not read this after seeing the title??? I mean "Puke in the tub" is so captivating lol

So tonite Boppers was making motor boat bubbles in the bath tub and got choked....after coughing and gagging....up his supper came. (BtW, I have never seen hubby move that fast to get out of the way of anything) OMG, it was so nasty and then up it came again. Hubs is gagging at the smell and Boppers is crying bc it upsets him when he throws up.

I grab him up and stick him the shower to rinse the nasty off. I let the water out of the tub and what was left was a nasty slimy mess left around the tub. (sorry about the yucky mental pic) So after getting Boppers settled down, we whipped out my new Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-a-clean Power sprayer.

Not only did it quickly remove the funky monkey mess but it took away puke funky smell. Hubby even said it smelled good so that means it smells great. Scrubbing Bubbles did an amazing job once again!

I recieved a sample of this for testing purposes because I am a BZZAgent. This review was 100% mine and not influenced  by the product maker.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Going out with my Boots on...

Ok so we live on my Hubbys family farm but we dont actually farm it ourselves. My hubbs dad used to be a farmer back in the day but now we just sharecrop it out to another local farmer. Well Boppers has decided that he is a farmer. He is addcited to tractors, animals, etc.

The poor boy told us that the prize he wanted for poop in the potty was a combine lol. (how many almost 2 year olds do you know even know what a combine is) He can also tell you what crop is going in the field. He is his Popaws boy because the hubs nor I know anything hardly about farming. (oh but we are learning)

He started off at a young age with his 1st pair of boots(side pic he was only 4 months old) and now everytime we go outside, he has to have his boots on. Bc what farmer is not complete with out a set of boots on.

I found this great website with more of those cute Johnny Popper boots (like in the pic). Rocky Top Leather is the website. Everybody who sees these cute lil boots just loves them and I have found that this website has great prices and a wide selection (they even have pink Johnny Poppers for that little cowgirl).

Johnny Popper Boots are perfect for the lil kid who thinks they are farmers (aka Boppers) bc of their John Deere colors and emblem. (in these parts of the woods we bleed green and yellow) Wow that sounded redneck.

This is my honest opinion about this website and there product. I am being paid to post this review.

D-List Blog Party 2010


Hey everybody from D-List!

Thanks for stopping by my lil corner of the bloggy world. I am also excited about this Blog Party bc I love meeting new people and finding new blogs to follow.

About Me: I am currently a SAHM but I will be returning to work this fall as a teacher after being off of work for 2 years. I have a handsome almost 2 year old son, who I call Boppers, who is all boy (tractors, trucks, dirt and worms). I am married to a wonderful man and we have been married for almost 3 years. I live in a small town in Tennessee on the family farm.
Boppers and Me! (you try to get your toddler to look at the camera lol)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Will he outgrow this??

Ok mommies out there, my lil Boppers right foot turns in real bad. It has also turned in but here recently, he has started tripping over them more and more. He will be 2 in July and some people have said that he will out grow it but I am very worried. (yes I am a very paranoid 1st time parent)

People are starting to ask us about his little feet being turned in so bad. I want to correct this before he gets to old. One person told us to buy him high top Stride Rite shoes and the others have told us to let him run barefoot. I dont know what to do or am I just being paranoid????

Friday, May 14, 2010

My 1st award!!!

My acceptance speech....First I would like to thank Nolie over at for giving me this award. Then I would like to thank my family for being supportive of my blogging adventure. Last but not least, I would like to thank all my followers! Yall Rock!!!

The rules for this award are to answer the questions given to you with the award. Then make up ten of your own and pass it on to seven other bloggers.

1. Why do YOU blog?  I blog because I love to meet new people. I enjoy sharing my stories of my life with other mommies who have gone through, are going thru, and will go through in the future the same experiences I am having. It is like my giant support group and brag brook.

2.What are 3 must read blogs of yours?  Of course Nolies Place, Heir to Blare, and Pioneer Woman

3.  Coffee or Tea?  Hello i live in the South so Sweet Tea!!

4. You have one night to yourself and $500 to do as you please and you must spend the $500 on yourself. What are you going to do?   Oh man I havent spent that much money on myself in the past 2 years lol. So lets see, I would go get a massage, get my hair and make up did, and buy a new dressy outfit.

5. What is your opinion on “Reality” tv? First off, I love the Duggars! Other reality shows, I dont really get into to bc the fam and I are almost always on the go and I hate to miss episodes bc then you feel so lost.

6.Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Hopefully right where I am but with Boppers a baby brother or sister.

7.  What is the best thing about Canada? Umm I dont know bc I have never been there. But Ive seen pictures and its a beautiful country

8. Where do you want to live when you retire? Hubby and I are going to travel when we retire.

9. What is your dream vacation?   a cruise to the Bahamas. I have always wanted to go there, even when I was a little kid.

10. Are you now doing what you wanted to do when you were growing up?  Well when I was growing up I changed my mind about what i wanted to be, but yes teacher was one of my ideas.

I pass this award on to the following people:
1.Kate @
2. Lora Lynn @
3. Jamie @ http://www.lovetoshopmom.como/
4. Jen @

Here are my questions for yall (and yes I am going to re-use some of them):
1. Why do you blog?
2. What  is your favorite food addcition?
3. If you had the whole day to yourself, what would you do with your time?
4. What made you decide to be a SAHM or a working mom?
5. What would be your dream job?
6. What show do you secretly watch that no-one else knows about?
7. Wow, Im having a hard time coming up with these questions.
8. If you were on extreme makeover, what would be the 1st thing you would want them to change about you?
9. Big family or small family?
10. What 2 blogs can you not live with out?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I must have been crazy to take my toddler shopping

So yesterday I learned my lesson after taking Boppers on a pretty much all day shopping trip. We left our house at 10 am and had to drive an hour b4 we get to our destination (yep thats said when you have to drive an hour to a target.) Once we got there we ate lunch and then I took Boppers to my moms house for him to lay down and take a good nap b4 we hit the stores.

He took a really good nap (which you thought would have helped) and then we hit the shops. 1st stop-Goodwill. There I found him lots of cute shirts and pants. After about 10 min he was ready to get out of the buggy so we took a break from the clothes section and let him go to the toys. He drug out every toy they had (im sure they were glad when we left lol) and he then found a baby carriage on wheels and proceeded to take off running down the aisles as fast as he can with the carriage.

My mom chased him for like 5min so I could look for myself something. Well that didnt last long bc all of sudden he pops out from underneath the clothes rack and screams MOMMA!  So I bodily held him and glanced thru the rest of the clothes fast while he was pulling every tag off. Then we  finally were done with the 1st stop. We left and stopped at Burger King and got him a cheeseburger, then on to TJ Maxx.

Wow TJ Maxx was a blur between trying to hold him and keeping him from running like a maniac through the store. He has now decided that hiding under the clothes rack is his new favorite thing to do. Then he thought he should be able to push his trucks up and down the aisles. I glanced at everything hastily to say the least.

Then on to the dollar tree we went. He actually sat in the buggy this time but I had to bribe him with a new cup, coloring books, and a new ball (ya gotta do what you gotta do sometimes). By this time it was almost his bedtime and I just knew that as soon as we got on the road on home he would crash. We head back to my moms to get my "swagger wagon " aka van and my mom cant find my keys. We had to dump her purse out in the middle of her driveway. After about 20 min of searching and almost going back to TJ Maxx bc we were just sure they had fallen out there, we finally found them. By this time its an hour past Bops bedtime so I put his jammies on him and we hit the road.

15 min into the drive, hes still awake....30 min in the drive, hes still awake...35 min into the drive, he decides he should just start screaming and crying. Finally we made it to our town and yep he is still crying. Pull into the driveway he is still screaming. So yea, he screamed for the last 25 min of our drive non stop (I was about to pull my hair out lol)

So this is why you never take a very busy, active toddler boy shopping lol

Monday, May 10, 2010

What a week...

This is a very eventful week around our house for me. Yesterday being Mothers Day, today is my birthday and Saturday is my college graduation. So as you can tell I will be very busy and poor hubby has lots of gifts to buy. lol

College graduation..oh me, I never thought I would make it. I spent my 1st 2 years at a community college (which is where I met the hubby) where i was an accounting major. Then moved to Small Town, TN to be with hubby and finish my degree at a 4 year University.

Once getting to University, I changed my major to elementary eductaion. Im doing so I lost all my classes but like 4 hours (very depressing when you look at my class checklist) in the transfer/major change. Then after starting all over again, during the next 3 years I got married and had a Boppers.

After 6 long years of college, I have finally made it to the end. I will graduate with a degree in pre-k through 6th grade education degree this Saturday. Last semester, I almost didnt make it due to missing too many days between asthma flare ups, ear infections, and hubby and I had the flu but luckily I made it by the skin of my teeth (I made my first D's). I am so excited to finally be done!! Know I have to sit back and see what the good Lord has planned for me.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

My New Jam!!!

Ok peeps, after seeing this video, I knew that this would be my new theme song! I love it!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Creative Genious/ Boppers New room design

One reason I love blogging is getting to meet new peeps and when Jessa from and I started exchanging tweets about "old school" Nickelodeon shows, I knew we were going to friends.

If you havent already read about her from Heir to Blair and the totally cute SILHOUETTES that she hand draws (yes I am uber jealous of her artistic talent) then you need to go check out her site

So anyways back to the point, after us talking back and forth on twitter for awhile, I asked her about making a silhouette for Boppers new "big boy room" and one thing led to another and I told her I was needing help trying to decide how to decorate his room. I wanted it to be something that he loved bc well I hated my room as a child (it looked like somebodys garden threw up on my walls with a combination of a pink nightmare).

Jessa was like "I would love to help you, I love design' (see i told you she was a creative genious). So after emailing back and forth, talking about what I wanted and then her taking my ideas and running with it. This is the color scheme she came up with (and trust me that was no easy task bc the hubs wouldnt let me paint the Duke University blue walls)
We decided to go with lots of earth tones (aka dirt bc well he is a boy).

So Tuesday night we hopped on Skype (gotta love technology) and hammered out the details of Boppers new vinatge tractor room. (we also did a lot of just talking too but hey were girls and thats what we do lol)
We found so many cute things on Etsy (the best place in the world) and we also found some funny stuff on there not related to tractors at all (i.e. The Willie Warmer and that is exactly what you think it is lol)

Jessa is so awesome and I am so glad that I met her. I cant wait to get started on Boppers room (hopefully this weekend) bc I know the design she did is going to look awesome. I promise I will post pics along the way of the big boy room makeover!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Success on the potty homefront!!!

Ok peeps so yesterday I was telling you about Boppers no poop on the potty dilema but this morning he came and told me "poop" (I honestly thought he had already gone in his pants so I started telling him how it was yucky to go in your underwear) so i ushered him off to his bathroom and when I pulled down  his pants carefully (bc well if you do it to fast you will have poop fall in the floor, trust me). Much to my surprise there was nothing there so I sat him on the potty and not 1 min later HE WENT POOP IN THE POTTY!!!!

I was so excited that I started screaming for joy and clapping (I probably scared him to death). So this afternoon he got to go to the tractor store and pick out one toy. He was so overwhelmed with all the tractors he just walked around forever touching everything.

Tonite he went Poop 2 more times in the potty so hopefully (crossing fingers, toes, legs, etc) we will be potty trained!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Tales from potty training..

Our big beach vacay is quickly approaching so potty training at our "crib" is getting serious. (if you havent read my previous post my goal is to not take diapers on the trip)

I know, I know he is really young to be potty training but he honestly started showing interest on his own about 4 months ago and we have just been letting him go as he wants (no pressure). The hubs and I were both potty trained by the time we were 2 as well.

Fast forward to now, he has been dry all weekend (minus after waking up in the morning) but we just cant seem to get him to poop in the potty. He is getting some better, he will now actually sit on the potty for more than 2 seconds. He will come get me and say poop potty and we will go sit for 10 minutes and NOTHING. Then I promise 15 min later he will go in his underwear. So he feels the need to go but I swear I think he is afraid to poop in the potty.

Is there any way I can show him not be afraid to poop in the potty??

Sunday, May 2, 2010

"I Love You-Now Hush" Book review

I had the opportunity to review this great book, “I love you –Now Hush” and bloggy friends, it’s hilarious. I would compare it to “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” but with a southern drawl. The 2 authors, Melinda Rainey Thompson and Morgan Murphy ( which are 2 of the South’s funniest voices) put together this collection of essays about the nature of men vs. women. Melinda first tells the woman’s side of the story and then Morgan rebuttals with the men’s side of the story. They both give their sides of the story to such things as household chores (my favorite part of the book) and why men don’t read the directions and women do.

Ya’ll I was nodding my head and agreeing with everything that was said in the book and the authors dish it out in such a humorous way that I would have to take a break from reading it because I was laughing so hard. So many times throughout the book, they would both “hit the nail on the head” with their reasoning in behind the mind workings of men and women. I cant say enough, this book is a great read esp if you enjoy southern, pithy humor. Oh and did I mention it is a great price, only $16.95.

The opinions expressed above are that of my own, and were not weighed upon by receiving such merchandise.