Thursday, May 6, 2010

Creative Genious/ Boppers New room design

One reason I love blogging is getting to meet new peeps and when Jessa from and I started exchanging tweets about "old school" Nickelodeon shows, I knew we were going to friends.

If you havent already read about her from Heir to Blair and the totally cute SILHOUETTES that she hand draws (yes I am uber jealous of her artistic talent) then you need to go check out her site

So anyways back to the point, after us talking back and forth on twitter for awhile, I asked her about making a silhouette for Boppers new "big boy room" and one thing led to another and I told her I was needing help trying to decide how to decorate his room. I wanted it to be something that he loved bc well I hated my room as a child (it looked like somebodys garden threw up on my walls with a combination of a pink nightmare).

Jessa was like "I would love to help you, I love design' (see i told you she was a creative genious). So after emailing back and forth, talking about what I wanted and then her taking my ideas and running with it. This is the color scheme she came up with (and trust me that was no easy task bc the hubs wouldnt let me paint the Duke University blue walls)
We decided to go with lots of earth tones (aka dirt bc well he is a boy).

So Tuesday night we hopped on Skype (gotta love technology) and hammered out the details of Boppers new vinatge tractor room. (we also did a lot of just talking too but hey were girls and thats what we do lol)
We found so many cute things on Etsy (the best place in the world) and we also found some funny stuff on there not related to tractors at all (i.e. The Willie Warmer and that is exactly what you think it is lol)

Jessa is so awesome and I am so glad that I met her. I cant wait to get started on Boppers room (hopefully this weekend) bc I know the design she did is going to look awesome. I promise I will post pics along the way of the big boy room makeover!!

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  1. eeee.

    we will need to skype again soon. maybe make a morning weekend coffee ritual out of it?

    le sigh. Can't wait to see the room, let me know if you need anymore help!