Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Never make friends with your Doctor...

Alright everybody, I am back (did ya miss me, bc ya know you did). Boppers is feeling better finally but getting over this mono could take up to a month. Now for the Pediatrician post I promised you......

Ok, It all started when Boppers was born and we thought we had found the best Pediatrician in the world. He was so personable, that you just couldnt help but like him. He is a Duke University graduate so he and the Hubbs totally hit it off. We soon became friends with his wife and children as well. We would go over to their house, they would come to ours, etc.

Well our poor Boppers stays sick alot and has a lot of problems (thankfully nothing too serious). He has GERD, asthma, and severe allergies. Back when Boppers was still  T-Tiny, we had to get smart with the Good Doc bc I dont think he took Boppers spitting up serious. Then when he saw the ulcers in his throat, he finally started taking us serious. Then he had 8 ear infections in a span of 6 months and once again he would do nothing proactive and just saying he would outgrow this. Finally after the 9th ear infection, he finally referred us to an ENT. Now onto Boppers asthma, we feel that he isnt proactive. Hello, we know Bops cycle, green nose then cough then asthma attack. So why not stop the green nose b4 it goes to his chest??? This whole time we stick by him bc "he is our friend"

Well Hubby has a new office and located in the same building is  a childrens nurse practitioner. I really like her and last time Boppers had an asthma attack, she gave him a shot that opened him right up (nope Good Dr never gave him this).

Fast forward to this Thursday, Boppers appetite had been diminishing over the past couple of days and he had started coughing in the night. So my Mommy instinct said he needed to go to the Dr bc something wasnt right. Hubby said to take him to the "Good Dr". So I did bc I am a good wife and I do what my hubs says lol

So we loaded up and went to the Dr. He looked him over and said "its just viral" (which he always says about everything). So we walked out his door and went to the nurse practitioner. She looked at him and said his lymph nodes are swollen so lets test him for strep. Sure enough it came back positive. She gave us an antibiotic.

24 hours later, Boppers was worse and at this point he hadn't eaten anything in 2days. So we went back to the nurse practitioner. As we were walking in, we meet a girl and her son that go to our church and she said her lil man had mono. Boppers and her lil man had been together in nursery and had the same symptoms so we tested for mono and sure enough he tested positive for mono.

So what do we do?? Do we tell the Good Dr?? Hubby is worried that he will lose his friendship but I dont care I think he should know. This is the reason you dont become friends with your Dr but if something ever goes wrong, it puts you in between a rock and a hard place.

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  1. As your son's pediatrician, he needs to know his medical history, even if you do get some hey-doofus-why-didn't-YOU-catch-this satisfaction from it. Anytime I've ever had my kids at the urgent care clinic or in the ER, they ALWAYS tell me to contact their doctor the next day to let them know what's going on. Hope he feels better soon!

  2. TELL HIM!!! We started as personal friends with our Dr. and went to him because our old one was a tool. Last year, I had tons of issues, and he misdiagnosed them. I ended up going to an alternative Dr. and they diagnosed me with a gluten allergy (not ulcers as the Dr. originally thought). He was grateful for the knowledge. But I didn't tell him until a year after the fact and told him in a "guess what really happened? friendly tone.

  3. Yikes! I don't know what I would do, because I hate confrontation!

    BTW, I have something for you! :-)

  4. Just switch to the nurse practitioner if that's what you want to do. Doctors lose patients all of the time and they get pretty thick-skinned about it, even the ones they're friends with. A lot of doctors would rather NOT treat their friends just b/c they hate being wrong in front of people they know personally. Don't stress. Take sweet baby where you feel best about his care.