Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Going out with my Boots on...

Ok so we live on my Hubbys family farm but we dont actually farm it ourselves. My hubbs dad used to be a farmer back in the day but now we just sharecrop it out to another local farmer. Well Boppers has decided that he is a farmer. He is addcited to tractors, animals, etc.

The poor boy told us that the prize he wanted for poop in the potty was a combine lol. (how many almost 2 year olds do you know even know what a combine is) He can also tell you what crop is going in the field. He is his Popaws boy because the hubs nor I know anything hardly about farming. (oh but we are learning)

He started off at a young age with his 1st pair of boots(side pic he was only 4 months old) and now everytime we go outside, he has to have his boots on. Bc what farmer is not complete with out a set of boots on.

I found this great website with more of those cute Johnny Popper boots (like in the pic). Rocky Top Leather is the website. Everybody who sees these cute lil boots just loves them and I have found that this website has great prices and a wide selection (they even have pink Johnny Poppers for that little cowgirl).

Johnny Popper Boots are perfect for the lil kid who thinks they are farmers (aka Boppers) bc of their John Deere colors and emblem. (in these parts of the woods we bleed green and yellow) Wow that sounded redneck.

This is my honest opinion about this website and there product. I am being paid to post this review.