Sunday, May 30, 2010

Why do weekends go by so fast??

I lay here and it just hit me, the weekend is almost over. (thank goodness this is a long weekend so we have one more day) Sunday nights after I put Boppers to bed it always makes me sad bc we will all be back to the grind the next day. Even though I am at home for the summer, during the week we have lots to do.

Hubby goes to work so I feel like part of our family is missing. Boppers and I have to clean and this week we have got a list a mile long of things to do bc we leave for vacation on Saturday morning. So on Sunday nights about this time, I always get a little bummed. Just ready for the next weekend when we can all be together and just hang out and play.

Maybe Im weird (at least I admit it, right?)  but I feel like you blink your eyes and the weekend is gone. I guess my parents were always right (even though I hate to admit that), that time flies when you are having fun.

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  1. Our weekend flew by too. We had visitors and great things to do, but time disappeared quickly.