Thursday, June 3, 2010

Steriod Meds

Ok so if you didnt already know my lil guy has severe asthma and allergies. And because of this he is sick a whole lot. (it happens when you are allergic to life).

On to the point...well he has been on so many steriod medications, I am worried about it affecting his growth (since he is only 23 months old). He has been on an oral steriod for about a month and today he had a steriod shot (that makes 2 he has had this month). Thats alot of steriods for such a lil guy.

But he has to breathe so we have to keep his airways open. So what do we do?? Does anybody out there know of any non-steriod meds we could use?

~He also takes pulmicort (asthma controller med), singular, allegra, and prevacid (for his reflux) oh yea and a cream for his exczema. Yep my child is a druggie.


  1. My kids were both on a lot of asthma meds when we lived in TX. I say they were just allergic to TX b/c as soon as we moved up north they were healthy. Kind of crazy. I think meds can effect growth, but keeping him healthy is more important. Our daughter was on various meds (including steriods) and is in the 95th percentile for height... they never slowed her down. Our son was on more meds than her and a lot more steriods, but still stayed on track on his growth curve. He is now almost 10 and is still on track for his growth curve. Because of this, I'm not convinced that steroids stunt growth. Focus on keeping your child healthy, and of course being his advocate. Mommy knows best. Oh- and consider allergy shots... these did wonders for our son's allergies and frequency of asthma flare-ups while we were in TX.

  2. I'm sorry I can't help. But sending hugs for you and your little man:)

  3. Oh no. Hope you find a solution soon. We went through a bit of this with Little Man last year.

  4. Thanks Nolie and Cheerios.

    Jessica, he is on allergy drops (to small for the shots). maybe we should just move too lol

  5. Lindsey... I hope the allergy drops work out good. Our son started shots at 3 or 4, I can't remember which. I know he was on the young side for them though. Moving has its perks, but you never really know until you get somewhere if you'll have problems again.

  6. Have you tried taking some foods out of his diet and seeing if some of it is food related? All of those symptoms together sound like some of it might be a food allergy. Give me a call if you wanna chat...

  7. LL,
    Yes we have tried elimating foods but with him being so little, its a guessing game. The allergy tests showed an allergy to milk, eggs, wheat, and nuts. But it also showed allergies to trees, grass, dust, mold, dogs and cats. So there is no way to avoid all these. Drs seem to thing its a combo of them that sets Bop off. Good luck with schooling and holla at me if you need anything bc I have lots of resources for school stuff for lil ones.