Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Ok so while we were on vacation, Boppers had an outbreak of exczema. All under his arms, on his thighs, on his chest, and even on the palms of his hands. I dont know what caused the outbreak, could be the heat (but oh wait its hotter at home than it was at the beach), an allergy to something, who nows???

He has had exczema before but never this bad.

 This is what his hands look like, yuck right??

It itches so bad that it wakes him up at night. The dr gave him some cream and prescrition of a benedryl type med to help with itching. But I dont want him on all this meds, so does anybody have any tips about exczema??


  1. Just found your blog & I know I'm a little late commenting on this post.. My oldest, who is 13, also has eczema. The best thing I can say is when you get in under control, try & stay on top of it. It's easier to prevent a breakout than to clear one.
    We use only ALL Free detergent, nothing with scents or dyes. Cetaphil soap & lotion (even the walmart brand works). When he was small, he couldn't do bubble baths. They broke him out all the time.
    Dryer sheets have to be the unscented. My MIL used scented ones on the towels once & caused a flare.

    We also do Hydrocortizone sometimes & it works pretty well.

    Since my son ALSO has nature allergies, he takes Zyrtec every day which I think helps but not positive.

    Hope I answered some questions for ya.

  2. Ezema will come and go. There is a good prescription cream that can be applied which is helpful called "Fucidin H" it is fusidic acid and is hydrocortisone. Keep the skin clean, dry and free from any chemicals. Use only natural products. Hope this helps.