Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mommy Separation Anxiety

First off today, I just wanted to thank all my followers today for being such awesome bloggy friends.!!!

Ok so, Boppers has been going through some severe Mommy anxiety for the past couple of months. Not to sound like a "bad mom" but its a blessing and curse. Now I will explain that statement.

Its a blessing bc I love the fact the he wants and needs me so bad. I am so thankful that he is "mommys boy" and I wouldnt have it any other way.  I love making his boo-boos better and cuddling with him at night b4 bedtime.

But, sometimes I just wish he would let his daddy change his diaper or fix his cup. He screams and crys everytime I drop him off at daycare even though I know 10 min after I leave he stops crying and plays. I cant get anything done around the house, I even have to cook with him on my hip (which really wears a mommy out).

Not to mention, I am also kinda concerned bc he wont even play by himself. I have to be down in the floor with him. I dont want him to become super dependent. Or be that 12 year old kid that is still hiding under mommys skirt.

Sorry folks I had to vent today bc sometimes I just get overwhelmed.


  1. Separation anxiety from both of you is normal. It's okay to feel overwhelmed and it is normal for him to be needy. The best you can do for him is be you and find little ways to reenforce him as an individual be it by letting him choose his clothing himself, or giving him a little chore like putting his cup at the table, or even having him start trying to brush his own teeth, meet these little actions with praise and with words of encouragement about him growing up. Slowly introduce to him the idea of growing up and he will become more comfortable with the independence that comes with aging. Because you are supporting him all along the way and guiding him he will feel safe exploring these new areas in life and ease into doing his own thing.

  2. Don't stress about it, my 6 year old was like that as an infant and slowly grew out of it - they go through phases. As long as you're not a major helicopter parent you have nothing to worry about.

    (btw - I found you through Friday Follow - I know I'm supposed to comment on that post, but this one was lonlier..)