Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Boppers picks up the ladies

So my almost 2 year old, has officially become a ladies man. He has girlfriends everywhere we go. He has one at walmart, one at the pharmacy, and everywhere else.

I mean what can I say, he is cute and very witty for a 2 year old.

He know even has pick up lines..."hellwo ladies, woo woo" then he gives them the magic wink with both eyes.

If this is any indication of whats to come, then we are in big trouble. Ive already told him that if I didnt like the girl he brought home, I was going to tell her to go home. No hoochies in low cut shirts and booty shorts allowed at our house. Hopefully he will be a better judge of character and we wont have to deal with him bringing home a girl like that.

Well Boppers just walked into our room (he was supposed to be asleep for the night) so Im gonna have to call it short tonite. More to come about "No Hoochies in our house rule"

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