Saturday, June 12, 2010

Meet a new Blogger...mommyofaladybug

Babies Babies Everywhere

We have a one year old. She is the best thing God has ever done for us! She is our world. Now the questions becomes, When is the next one to come? I used to always say I never wanted my kids to be to close in age. My sister and I were 2 years apart growing up and had an awful relationship. I didn’t want my kids to go through that. Then in the last 2 months we have a new niece, a best friend had a baby, and so on and so on. Its babies babies everywhere!!!! It gives you (me) baby fever! All I think about now is babies. Then to myself I start saying, “Is it to soon? Would they get along? Maybe it’s a sign!.....” So how do you know when it is right to start planning for another child?

I tried to talk to the husband and see what his thoughts were and he says the infamous husband saying, “Whatever you think honey. I will go along with it.” In my head I am saying but will he really or is this his way of telling me ok drop it I said what you wanted me to now next topic. Haha I love him but that he does sometimes.

Then I talk to friends … Friend # 1 says, “Another One? Really? One is enough!” (She has a bad pregnancy and delivery that makes her think that way. She isn’t against kids or anything. Lol) Friend #2 says, “Oh now! My brother and I were a year and half apart and we got along great and were so close.” Friend #3 says, “ At least 2 more years. They need to be spaced out. Think about the future. Cars, Proms, and College.” So friends = no help! Everyone has great points (Except for the just have one. I definitely want another one!)

So then came family… Family = DRAMA Enough said!!!!!!

So the lingering question how soon is to soon to have another child after your first one?? Blogging may be the best way to get a helpful answer. We will see….


  1. I've discovered that if you ask 100 people about kid spacing, you'll get 100 different answers! The best thing to do is go with your gut. My husband has 2 sisters (twins) who are 7 years older. I had 1 sister 2 years younger and then another brother and sister MUCH younger (10 and 17 years.) We knew we wanted our kids close together. We have 2 boys who are 20 months apart and are probably going to try for a 3rd who will have about the same spacing. :) My sis and I always got along wonderfully, though with normal sibling rivalry and drama. If you're thinking it's time for another...maybe it is! :D

  2. I think if you wait until you're ready, you'll never be! I have siblings that are close in age - a brother less than 2 years younger than me - and brothers that are 8 and 9 years younger than I am. I am close with them all. My kids are a day shy of 18 months apart. It wasn't planned, but it gets easier every day!