Monday, June 14, 2010

Back to the real world

Hey everybody!

I am finally back to the real world today after a week long vacation in Hilton Head, SC! To follow up on my previous post about my fear of the really long car ride with the Boppers, He did great!! We left out Saturday morning at 2am hoping he would sleep till like 7 (his normal wake up time) and this would have 5 hours of driving in behind us. Well, that didnt work lol. The lil toot only slept like 45 min on the whole ride of 10hours. I think he was so excited about the beach and there was so many things to see (i mean he might miss something wonderful if he fell asleep right??). Other than not sleeping, he did better than I could have asked for.

We stopped about every couple of hours and let him run around. So our normal 10 hour drive actually took us like 14 hours. But that was ok bc in that whole time we only had like 1 meltdown. My tip for fellow mommys who are fixing to travel with little ones is 1st stop and let them stretch their legs and 2nd I took an old back pack and filled it with little toys, snacks, and coloring books so when he would get tired of something I would just pull out another surprise.

Oh and did I mention we didnt even turn on our dvd players!!

Well anyways Im glad to be back home so I can sleep in my own bed but I do miss the beach!


  1. Glad he did so good and you had a great trip!

  2. You didn't use the dvd player? Seriously? I think I watched like 3 myself last trip. Wow.
    I always need a vaca from my vaca... good luck getting back to the grind.