Friday, June 4, 2010

leaving for the Beach!

We will be leaving for the beach at 2am Saturday!!!

I have 2 guest bloggers that will keep the blogging going while Im relaxing on the beach. Your going to love them!!! One of them is JessaZG. She is so freaking awesome and oh so talented. If you havent already checked out her art, you need to go buy some.

The other one is one of my close friends here in this small town I call home. She has never blogged before but I am trying to get her to start. I told her that all cool moms should blog. So we have to show her how awesome the bloggy world is.  She has the cutest lil girl you will ever see, too.

If you dont already follow me on Twitter (@rockingthevan), you should start bc I will be tweeting the whole way about how Boppers is making it in the van for almost 10 hours. I also promise to post some pictures up while we're there of how wonderful the beach is (jealous???).

Hope everyone has a good week!!


  1. Can't wait to read the tweets! And see the pics!! Have a safe trip!

  2. Thanks guys! I have to say I have the best followers!!

  3. Following you from Frog Blog - saw your post on the community forum "Make New Friends Here!"
    I invite you to come visit & follow my blog back :)