Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Success on the potty homefront!!!

Ok peeps so yesterday I was telling you about Boppers no poop on the potty dilema but this morning he came and told me "poop" (I honestly thought he had already gone in his pants so I started telling him how it was yucky to go in your underwear) so i ushered him off to his bathroom and when I pulled down  his pants carefully (bc well if you do it to fast you will have poop fall in the floor, trust me). Much to my surprise there was nothing there so I sat him on the potty and not 1 min later HE WENT POOP IN THE POTTY!!!!

I was so excited that I started screaming for joy and clapping (I probably scared him to death). So this afternoon he got to go to the tractor store and pick out one toy. He was so overwhelmed with all the tractors he just walked around forever touching everything.

Tonite he went Poop 2 more times in the potty so hopefully (crossing fingers, toes, legs, etc) we will be potty trained!!!


  1. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Awesome! My son just went pee on the potty tonight for the first time! I was so excited!