Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I must have been crazy to take my toddler shopping

So yesterday I learned my lesson after taking Boppers on a pretty much all day shopping trip. We left our house at 10 am and had to drive an hour b4 we get to our destination (yep thats said when you have to drive an hour to a target.) Once we got there we ate lunch and then I took Boppers to my moms house for him to lay down and take a good nap b4 we hit the stores.

He took a really good nap (which you thought would have helped) and then we hit the shops. 1st stop-Goodwill. There I found him lots of cute shirts and pants. After about 10 min he was ready to get out of the buggy so we took a break from the clothes section and let him go to the toys. He drug out every toy they had (im sure they were glad when we left lol) and he then found a baby carriage on wheels and proceeded to take off running down the aisles as fast as he can with the carriage.

My mom chased him for like 5min so I could look for myself something. Well that didnt last long bc all of sudden he pops out from underneath the clothes rack and screams MOMMA!  So I bodily held him and glanced thru the rest of the clothes fast while he was pulling every tag off. Then we  finally were done with the 1st stop. We left and stopped at Burger King and got him a cheeseburger, then on to TJ Maxx.

Wow TJ Maxx was a blur between trying to hold him and keeping him from running like a maniac through the store. He has now decided that hiding under the clothes rack is his new favorite thing to do. Then he thought he should be able to push his trucks up and down the aisles. I glanced at everything hastily to say the least.

Then on to the dollar tree we went. He actually sat in the buggy this time but I had to bribe him with a new cup, coloring books, and a new ball (ya gotta do what you gotta do sometimes). By this time it was almost his bedtime and I just knew that as soon as we got on the road on home he would crash. We head back to my moms to get my "swagger wagon " aka van and my mom cant find my keys. We had to dump her purse out in the middle of her driveway. After about 20 min of searching and almost going back to TJ Maxx bc we were just sure they had fallen out there, we finally found them. By this time its an hour past Bops bedtime so I put his jammies on him and we hit the road.

15 min into the drive, hes still awake....30 min in the drive, hes still awake...35 min into the drive, he decides he should just start screaming and crying. Finally we made it to our town and yep he is still crying. Pull into the driveway he is still screaming. So yea, he screamed for the last 25 min of our drive non stop (I was about to pull my hair out lol)

So this is why you never take a very busy, active toddler boy shopping lol

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