Friday, July 9, 2010

Baby Shower Drama

Background: Hubs cousin is having a baby in late August. We hang out with them once in a blue moon.

Fast Forward to about 2 months ago: I asked Hubs aunt (baby mommas mom) if her family was going to give her a baby shower and if they were then I would like to help bc there wasnt enough people on our side of the family to give her one. She says no they arent, that she was just going to have one shower and I should contact BB (code name).

Fast Forward to this month: I get a voicemail from BB saying I owe $35 for Hubs cousins shower. That there budget was only $500 (who spends that kind of money on a baby shower). I was shocked bc I didnt know anything about babyshower. I call her back and leave a message that I wouldnt be sending her any money.

Today: I get a facebook message (darn that facebook) from BB saying I need to send her $35 for baby shower. I send her one back saying I am confused as to why I owe her $35. Very rudly she responds by saying somebody told her I wanted to help.

My response was first off why would I want to help with a shower that I was not involved in the planning of or knew anything about. Secondly, BB you know what they say when you assume something. So please dont assume that bc somebody said I wanted to help means I am helping. Since the first convo with Hubs aunt, my MIL and I have decided to go in together and get her a gift. Once again another reason, I am not helping with the shower.

Ahh drama, which seems to follow BB. (Her child used to go to daycare with Boppers but had to be asked to leave bc she kept making herself throw up) Do I feel bad for not helping?? Um no bc she didnt help with my shower nor did she even come to my shower.

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  1. How rude for someone to expect you to send money for something you weren't even aware of! Even if you were aware of it - $500 for a shower? Every shower I've been to, or someone threw for me was in someone's living room (with the exception of a work party, which was done at a restuarant near our work) - and a cake, some drinks and some snacks does NOT cost $500!!