Saturday, July 24, 2010

My letter to SuperNanny

Dear Super Nanny,

I just want to let you know that your back to bed method doesnt work. I have tried it for a week now and still no success. I have done exactly what you said to do and still no sleeping thru the night in his big boy bed. I mean how many times does it take bc on the show after like an hour the kids are snoozing away in their own bed.

Last night after sitting with my back to him and not acknowledging his screams he finally fell asleep (after 45 min of crying) at 8:45 pm. He then slept till about 1am so I told him it was bedtime and escorted him back to his room where once again I would sit with my back to him as he screamed for 30 min b4 konking out. I tip toe back to my bed and as soon as my eyes shut, I hear his door open and screams coming from his room. So once again I repeat the process. Same thing happens again and by this time its like 2:30 in the morning and mommy is pooped (daddy is no help bc he has to work he says...ughh dont get me started). Once again I repeat the process without saying a word to him this time. I mean seriously doesnt everybody know 3rd times a charm so its gonna work this time, right???  3:15 I once again hear screams coming from his room and this time here he comes into our room. By this point I am begging him to go lay in his bed. Doesnt work so I take him by the hand back to his room. This time Im not sure who fell asleep first me or him. I woke up in the floor and it is almost 5am. So I creep back to my bed and try to sleep. Hubs alarm goes off at 5:50. By 6 here comes Bopper back to our room screaming.

So Super Nanny what do you think about your dumb back to bed method now, yep it doesnt work. I think you need to come to my house and try to make up a new method.

A Very sleepy Mom


  1. Don't feel too discouraged, but try to find a groove that works for you and your son. We moved my now 27 month old to a big boy bed right at his 2nd birthday. The first night was weird, then he actually went right to it for a couple weeks and slept all night. But THEN he started this getting up all the time thing. For a few nights we tried the Back to Bed thing, then we found that for us, letting him come back to our bed for a few minutes (like not more than 20) to snuggle and tell stories about going to sleep worked. Not saying that's what'll work for you, but experiment with different things and you might find something that calms him and gets him to sleep all night in his big boy bed. Good luck! :)

  2. Thanks. Glad to know Im not the only one going through this.