Saturday, July 10, 2010

Party Planning Week has begun..

So this is the big week that Bop turns the big 2!! So everything is ordered, and invite are sent out. Now its on to deep cleaning our house b4 30 someodd people arrive this coming Saturday for the dirt bash. I wanted to have it strictly outside so that way I didnt have to worry about anyone destroying our house but yea well its a scorching 90 something around these parts, so I have decided being the good hostess I am that I would let people come inside.

Here are a some of the great stuff I have gotten for his party so far.

1. His invites. They were made by the awesome JessaZG.

2. I found these great party favors on Etsy. It is homemade sidewalk paint already packaged cute and everything. Go check out Sidewalk Sensations

I will be posting pictures of the events leading up too and of course the big day this week.