Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Peer Pressure already??

So yesterday I took Boppers to daycare so he could play with his friends bc he is now at the age where he asks for them. Well on the way home, he said "Myles baby". I answered him with "why is myles a baby?" He said "poop pants".

I told him well are you a baby too bc you poop in your pants. He said "Bop Baby, Myles baby" Now the best part is refuses to wear a pull up and asks for a diaper bc he is a baby.

I was like great, he usually does so good in his pull up. The other child is almost 3 so they are fixing to start potty training with him but right now he is still in diapers. So Bop has alread succumb to the peer pressure of an older child and wants to be like him. Oh me, he trys to be so grown up even though he isnt even 2 yet. Where did my baby go??

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