Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Recovering from the party aftermath

So the party is over with. Weeks of planning and preparing were over within 2 hours. All that was left was a bunch of trashbags filled with wrapping paper, tissue paper, and toy boxes. Then the fun begins with all the clean up. I mean 10 little kids in your house plus family means crumbs and toys everywhere.

So the past 2 days we have spent trying to remove all the balloons, streamers and cupcake crumbs from the floors. Oh and trying to recover our brains from John Deere overload. 

But the main thing is that Boppers had a blast. He was so excited to have all his friends over. (this was the first party he has had that we invited other little ones) He loved all the gifts and did his new excited squeal with everything he opened. He got lots of tractors and "dump dumps" (bop language for construction equipment). Luckily we only had to return 2 gifts but I did re-gift one of the doubles he got. lol

Lots of pictures to come tommorow for my wordless wednesday post.