Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Facebook can be your marriage

Im back finally, Boppers still isnt sleeping thru the night but it has gotten some better.

Ok, ever since this happened I have been writing the blog post in my head. About a week ago, my Hubs was on Facebook and a woman who he used to work with at the school system here (keep in mind she still works there) sent him a chat message asking for a favor.

Being the computer techie guy he is, he gets lots of can you fix my computer questions but this one was out of the ordinary. She asked if there was any way to unsend an email. So Hubs told her that once she hit that send button there is no way to retrive it back.

Now to the best and most concerning part, was then the lady began to spill why she wanted to know that question. (I think she just wanted to talk to someone) She had been surfing Facebook and found her old high school boyfriend. First off  this lady is married and has been for years. After finding her ex boyfriend on Facebook she sent him a email that she said she regrets.

Hello lady, your married and so is the exboyfriend. So why would you even think of emailing him. Once she sent the email, she was worried that his wife would come kick her butt so she wanted to try to keep him from getting the email.

People Facebook can be dangerous, to your reputation and your marriage. Be careful how you use it.

Ok so that was my Public Service Announcement for the day!


  1. LOL, so true! I actually watched a couple fight on Facebook through wall postings and status updates. One was tagged in inappropriate pictures and they got divorced. Crazy!

  2. I've heard of situations like that, too. My sis-in-law, in fact, lost her husband after he reconnected with an old flame online and filed for divorce. Poor kids, mostly, but my sis in law really suffered, too. Terrible.

  3. As wonderful as the internet can be, it sure can cause issues. Wow, what a mess.