Friday, April 16, 2010

Fat Fridays

Alrighty folks, its the dreaded day where I drag myself onto the Wii Fit and see if it tells me that I have gained or lost weight.

But today, I have GREAT NEWS! I have actually lost 2lbs this week. I know, I know its not much but at least its a start. This is really the first week since we started Fat Fridays that I have worked really hard to work out and watch what I eat.  Go me, Go me!!!

This week, Boppers and I have gone for about an hour walk after breakfast. I live on a country road (which means no traffic) and there are lots of animals and farm equipment for Bop to look at so I heaved and hoed him up and down in his stroller down our hilly road. (I had to stop every 5 min and pick him up a rock or explain "whats that").

I also have really cut my portions back this week. I have tried to stop eating when I was full, not when my plate was clean. But I did sneak in some cookie dough bc it was so tempting while I was making cookies, I mean really who could resist choc chip cookie dough.

So I am boasting about myself this week, bc I am slowly but surely getting my body back and hopefully wont scare away anyone at the beach this summer!


  1. Woohoo on the pounds DOWN! Awesome!

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  2. Hi! I just popped over from the blog party and I'm so glad I did. What a beautiful family you have. I just had my second child and am trying ot lose a TON of weight AGAIN! I don't blog about it but I related to you when you said you were going over to the scale to check your weight loss. I find myself thinking "come one come on come on YES! or OH man! I didn't eat THAT bad did I? or Ok ok I'll start exercising this week for real! =)

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  4. Fat Fridays?!? Why didn't anyone tell me! I could totally fit into fat Fridays!! I am unofficially joining...what do I do? Get extra fat for Friday? Do I weigh in? Tell me Tell me TELL ME!

  5. That's great! I need to be better about weighing myself. I like your idea of using the Wii Fit. I haven't been on mine in so long that my Mii is probably fast asleep.

  6. This is a great post! I am trying to get my body back, too. I have NO willpower, though. I'll just keep buying bigger clothes...kidding!...kind of ;)

  7. Dont feel bad I have just buying bigger clothes myself but my motivation is we are going to the beach in June and I dont want the hubs to be embarassed by my mommy tummy lol

  8. Wait...does the Wii Fit really work? Now I have to check this out! Good luck to you on your weight loss, and I'll keep you posted on mine ;)