Thursday, April 15, 2010

ISO tips 4 Cleaning bathroom

Well today I had to do my least favorite job in the the house. I am on Spring Break(the joys of being a teacher) this week so I decided to tackle it a little early so I could just relax and play with Boppers all weekend.

 My hubs usually cleans the bathrooms but well lets be honest, I appreciate his help but he doesnt do a very good job. He will clean the tub but wont clean the surround around the tub, oh me but thats a whole post in it self.

So being the good wife I am I decided I would clean them for him (plus Im sure they needed a deep scrub from somebody who cleans every lil nook and cranny). In our master bath we have a large jacuzzi tub but I hate cleaning it bc I always feel like I am going to fall in it while I am straining to reach across to get the other side. Does anybody have any secrets of how they clean their tubs???? besides just hiring somebody to do it which I am in favor of but dont want to pay for it lol

Totally random thought but yesterday we went to the zoo in Memphis snce Bops tube appt had to be canceled due to his asthma flare up. The zoo is wonderful and I totally suggest that if you live anywhere near Memphis you need to go check it out.

My hubs and Bop at the zoo.


  1. I remember hearing about some wand thing you can buy for cleaning showers so that you can reach all corners. I guess you would be happier if I knew what it was called but I am drawing a blank.

  2. I had a friends who would strip down to her undies, climb in and clean away. Sounds crazy to me, but it worked for her. Personally, I just lean over and scrub, but a long handled scrubby thing would be nice.

  3. I have done the undie thing when cleaning my big tub and shower! LOL! But usually, I just clean the outer surround first and stand in the tub to get back in the corner. Then I clean the inside of the tub last.

  4. I have this scrubber that is connected to a stick. It is my oldest, did I just say that out loud. I bought the contraption at the store (the scrubber, not my son). That works great. That is a job that my kids will ACTUALLY do. Yay! More blogging time for me...
    "You missed a spot!!" Excuse me...gotta run!

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  6. Thanks for all the tips. I am so going to look for the wand thing at wally world and target.

  7. I give up trying to get my husband to clean. He does a sorry job and I can't live with it. So, if I want it done right, I do it myself!