Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sure all babies spit up but mine shoots it across the room!!

Ok, so today I decided I would tell ya''ll about my little reflux warrior. The day after he was born after every meal and then through out the day, my lil man would have projectile vomit (they had to raise his little incubator bed so he wouldnt choke at night). As the months go on, the screaming with the vomit came. Drs said ohh, he just has colic and he will out grow it. Yea right, after hearing from many people that their baby spits up too, i was about to pull my hair out. Nobody understood how much he spit up and how he screamed for hours at a time. 6 months rolled around (after many many loads of dirty laundry) and our dr sent us to a gastro dr. She said  oh, he will outgrow it. I wanted to say let me let him puke on you a couple hundred times a day and then scream all through the day and then you tell me he will just outgrow it.

Well after trying every reflux medicine in the book, several formula changes,low weight gain (he fell off the growth chart for about 3 mnths) and finally having to buy super absorbent shammies to catch the spit up, at 8 months we put him on whole milk. For about 2 months it was glorious, as long as we limited his intake of certain foods, dairy being the major one.

After his 1st bday, everything went downhill again. He started vomiting alot and having chronic dirty diapers (like 10 and 12 a day). We took him to another gastro dr since the other one told us he would outgrow it by around 6-8mnths and as you can see that didnt happen. The new gastro dr found blood in his poop and decided he wanted to scope him. At 15 months old, they scoped him upper and lower. They found his esophogas and stomach were covered in ulcers and that his stomach wasnt emptying fast enough. The dr then diagnosed him with GERD and he now takes an adult dose of prevacid everyday to coat his esophogas and cut down the acid production. The dr said as he gets older he will be able to tell us what upsets his little tummy but until then its a guessing game.

After experiencing all this, I beleive that reflux families need some sort of badge that says , Yea your baby spits up but can yours shoot it across the room???. For all you fellow reflux moms, I know its hard at times but you will make it and it does get better.


  1. I tried to follow you on twitter but it told me that page does not exist.

  2. My lil boo had reflux but no where near that bad. Poor lil lady. I hope y'all are on the upward slope now.

  3. Hi! Came over from UBP.

    All 3 of our sons have GERD. It was pretty bad the first year, esp. with thefirst one.

    It was easier when they became verbal.

    Now, we have a 13 yr old who continues with something called Eosinophilic Esophagitis.
    It's hard to go through, but we;ve survived.

    Good luck to you, and I hope it all turns out well. Sincerely.