Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Potty time regressing

Ok peeps, first off I am loving the UBP 2010. I have found so many great new blogs. Thanks everybody for stopping by!

Now on to todays appeal for help from other blogger mommies. I totally thought Boppers was just about potty trained. Only time he was wet was overnight and during naptime (oh and did I mention he would hold his poop for weeks bc he wouldnt go in the potty). And then he got sick so we didnt stress the potty thing and now that he is better he wont go at all. Ughh, so frustrating bc we were so close to NO MORE DIAPERS!

What happened and how do I get him back going to the potty? Did I mess up by not making him go when he was sick? (in my defense he was so pitiful Im not sure if he could have stood up long enuf to potty)

Any suggestions for getting him to go poop in the potty? (you  know your a mommy when you say poop in your post more than twice) He will come tell me that he needs to poop and we will go sit on the potty and 2 sec he is ready to get up but wont drop the kids off at the pool. Then after we have set like 10 min later he will come to me and say yuck mommy poop and pat his bottom.

We are going on vacay the first of June to Hilton Head beach and I dont want to have to bring diapers is my goal. So PLEASE Help me! 


  1. I wish I had advice. We are on 10 months of potty training. He pees like a pro when we are home. Rarely goes in his pull up when we are out. When it comes to poop though he tells me he has to go. If I don't get a pull up on him he will go in his underwear. He has a melt down if I put him on the toilet to poop.

  2. You can't push him. He'll be ready when he's ready. It is normal for a boy to regress at least once during potty training.

  3. I dread potty training! He had the prick test. He definitely is brothered by the pollen it just didn's show up. The test was super expensive. I wish it had told us more.

  4. Nolie, My lil one is the same way. You would think they wouldnt want the poop on them. I guess they are just being stubborn lol

    Storm, good to know its normal for them to have a setback. Thanks for stopping by

  5. He is on cetirizine and prednisolone sod to get it under control. Then back to the half teaspoon of Claritin once a day. What are you giving?

  6. I wish I had some advice for you, but my kids weren't consistantly trained until they were almost 4, although they both showed early interest. It'll happen someday though, I promise!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  7. Wow- I have no advice for you- but I'm looking forward to reading more about potty training and what worked for you in the future!My daughter just turned 20 months, and is not remotely close to training. She doesn't have the vocabulary or the desire yet- which is fine with me. I am guessing we will look more into it around 24 months maybe?

  8. I feel ya girlfriend. Potty training stinks! I have a 270 method going that should be a best-seller one day.