Thursday, April 22, 2010

So my dad married a...

Ok peeps, once again inspired by Heir to Blair I have decided to write some about my family. Plus it has really been on my mind and heart lately and what better way to get it off my chest than to share with my blogger friends.

Lets see how do I put this nicely...forget dad is marrid to a witch.
After cheating on my mom with so called witch (and Im sure many more) for many years, my dad left my mom my junior year in high school. I was ok with that bc to be honest I was glad to not have to live in that misery anymore. I prayed many nights that this would all work out but they were both miserable and so it was best that they split

Well, their divorce was final in September and my dad married the witch in October (awful soon dont ya think.) It was all good in the begining, after moving out on my own right after graduation (my mom and i were so not getting along at the time), my dad asked if I would want to move in with him and her family. I thought great, Ive always wanted a sister (which btw witchs daughter has the same name as me, what a winkie dink). I lived there for about 6 months and then witch said I wasnt being respectful to her and that I was stealing from them. (btw i have never stolen anything in my life, not even a pack of gum). This was the beginning of the downward slope of mine and my dads relationship. I mean how could any man let some woman tell him to kick his own daughter out esp when he knew good and well I wasnt doing the things she had said.

So, one Saturday I packed up all my stuff and moved back into my moms. Luckily I was dating the Hubs at the time and he helped me deal with all this. I didnt speak to my dad for over a year and during that time I moved an hour to be closer to Hubs and finish college. Then one day he magically decided to call and he acted like nothing evere happened. He was not my dad anymore, she had changed him. We tried to mend the relationship by having some sort of pow-wow and really all it was was a lets bash Lindsey fest. So, i gave up again.

A year later, Hubs and I were getting married and I really did try to include my dad in things. My mom agreed to pay half of the wedding if my dad would pay the other half. But the witch said they would pay half only if I brought them every single reciept and then they would pay me back. I even had to bring a copy of our photographers contract so she would believe I was actually not just spending the money on drugs or something I guess (bc you know Im such a druggie lol). We made it through the wedding planning of course not without hurting her feelings bc she didnt get a shower invite in the mail.

On the day of the wedding, my dad walked me down the aisle.

Doesnt he look so happy lol
Everything went great (it may not have but I didnt care I was on cloud 9 bc i was marrying the guy God had chosen for me). Then when we got ready to leave..back dad had bought me and the other Linds matching jeeps. Right b4 hubs and I got married he signed the title over to us. The next day we traded it in bc well it was a piece of junk. It had broken down 8 times in the year I had it....forward to wedding....Needless to say he didnt know we had traded (didnt think it was his business bc well he had given it to me) and when he saw that it wasnt the Jeep, he just left. Didnt tell me bye or anything and that was the last time we had spoke until Boppers was born. To be Im sure this is like the longest blog post ever..


  1. Girl that sounds so frustrating! I'm sorry you have to go through that trap with a C. On a side note...I LOVE your wedding dress!

  2. They both sound very self-involved.

    That's a stunning pic!

  3. Ugh! Bad situation :( I can't wait to hear the rest of the story, though!

  4. Sorry to hear about your Dad :(

    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier! I have loved reading yours. Next time you head to one of those consignment sales just let me know! I love a good sale especially with 4 kiddos. I am now following you too!

  5. How awful. Though I am sure you are aware of that. Can't wait to read more of the story. I am secretly hoping they got divorced. Hope I am right.

  6. Kat & Shell, Thanks for the comment about the pic and my dress.

    Lynn, So glad to meet somebody close to home.

    Nolie, thanks for letting me know about the vlog btw.

    Everybody I hope to finish the story tommorow.

  7. Yes, but I was there (way in the back with a passel of kids) and you looked lovely and radiant that day, despite all the drama. :-)

  8. Sorry to hear about all the drama! At least your now married to your love and started your own family.