Thursday, April 29, 2010

So my dad married a...cont.

So to continue the saga/on again off again soap opera also known as my dads and my relationship....

When the Hubs and I left for our honeymoon, that was the last time my dad and I spoke until Boppers was born. If you didnt already know the Hubs and I found out we were pregnant only after being married for 3 months (no, we werent trying so we were shocked but very excited; it was all in the Lords timing not ours) and did my day now I was preggo, im sure but of course still no phone call or visit. Even though we werent talking, that didnt keep the *step momma* from talking about me and spreading rumors. She was still telling people that I stole from them even though my dad told me they found the so called stolen object. Also during this time of non-speaking, they moved and to this day Im not sure where they moved too. (same town still but thats all I know)

The day I went to the hospital to have Boppers, I sucked up all pride I had and called him and said, "hey just in case you wanted to know, your grandson is being born" and he said "ok" and the 10 sec phone call was over. He did show up to the hospital with so called step-momma in tow, but he wasnt even gonna hold Boppers, he said he was "dirty". So my BFF grabbed a hospital gown and threw at him and said now you can hold him.
After that night, he didnt see Boppers till Christmas and Boppers was born in July. I mean how can a grandfather go that long without seeing his grandson, esp when we only live an hour apart??


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  1. That is sad. But you know what. It is your dads loss. Boppers has many people around him who love him and want to be around him. I chuckled about your BFF throwing a gown at him. Sounds like something my friends would do if I was in that situation.

  2. My dad and I don't have the greatest relationship either, and even though he lives just a half hour away and drives by my neighborhood on his way home from work, we really only see him for big events. I learned a long time ago, as I watched my parents' marriage fall apart, that each time he chipped away at our relationship, in the end it would only hurt him. It's been 6 years since the divorce and 15 months since my daughter's birth and last week was the first time that he stopped by on his way home from work AND went out to dinner with me, hubs, babe, brother, and my mother without ruining the evening. He even tried to feed my daughter dinner. It just takes time. Unfortunately, you have a stepmomma in the picture who is determined to keep you out of her life.

  3. Thanks Erin, Im glad to know that maybe there is some light at the end of the tunneland Im not the only one with an estranged relationship with their dad. Glad to know your dad is trying.