Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesdays

Today is my favorite day bc well, I like showing off pics of Boppers (bc well we thing he is the cutest thing ever but I wouldnt be biased on any level).

Looking over his vast farming empire.

How could any little boy not jump in a perfectly good mud puddle??

Such a boy, he loves digging in the dirt with his dump dumps (aka construction equipment). I promise this is my last dirt picture.

Ben loves fresh grilled corn on the cob Paula Deen styley. I knows its a little dark but gimme a break I took it with my phone.


  1. My boy loves his dump trucks, too. In fact, I'll go post my wordless wednesdays of him last weekend. :)

  2. my babies always like corn on the cob too! still do comes w/it's own cool holder! ha ha