Monday, April 5, 2010

Its just another Manic Monday

After a super busy Easter weekend (i promise I will post Easter Pics of Boppers on wordless Wednesday), this morning rolls around and I dont want to get out of bed. I even fell asleep at like 9:00pm while watching The Celebrity Apprentice with the hubs.

I did get so much accomplished this weekend though. On Friday, we were outside all day working in the yard (gotta love trying to get grass to grow after construction) and then I started my daily workout routine after B finally passed out. Btw, did I mention that I totally had a momma freak out moment...B totally fell off our brick front steps under my supervision. So please excuse the large knot on his head in our Easter pics. Then Saturday, we ran errands all day and off to the HUbs g-parents to watch the Duke game. B and I left early, bc he was so ill and worn out. After finally getting him to sleep, I cleaned my entire house. BC ughhh yippe we have hubs boss and his wife and 4 children spending the week with us. Can you hear the excitement in my type lol

But yesterday was wonderful, B was so excited to see what the Easter bunny had brough him. Then he was the hit at church with his adorable outfit on. After a great lunch, we hunted eggs and B rode the lawnmower with his popaw for like an hour (yes my son loves pieces of equipment and already knows more about them than I do). Then my mom came up for a visit with my big bro and his 2 youngens....needless to say B crashed at about 7 and so did mommy. (Im a bad girl bc I even took a night off from doing my Wii Fit).

So back to the grind this morning even though I didnt want to leave my bed.

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  1. I am more naughty that you. I haven't graced the wii fit with my presence since it puffed up my mii the other day. whoops